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Welcome to the LRN Beauty Salon

A New Hair Salon Experience

LRN Beauty NYC is your color and cut dream destination. Owner and founder, Lauren Paglionico, carefully curated a team of talented artists that bring in a new experience to the hair salon industry. Every visit is an individualized pamper sesh that will leave you and your hair feeling refreshed. At LRN Beauty, the goal is always to make our clients happy, hopefully exceeding their expectations and gaining a client for life. LRN Beauty is located in the heart of the art district, with frequent visits from other talented artists and influencers. The salon features local artwork for their clients to enjoy and unique hair accessories to take home with you after every visit.

Meet the Founder of LRN Beauty NYC

Lauren Paglionico, aka the blonde connoisseur, founded LRN Beauty Salon in March of 2021. The LRN Beauty Salon quickly became one of the hottest spots in NYC, with a team of talented stylists that each specialize in their own niche. Lauren is not only the founder, she is among one of the talented colorists helping you achieve the blonde shade of your dreams. She says, “Although I am the owner of the company, I can proudly say my specialty is undeniably blonde hair.” In addition to LRN Beauty, Lauren and her team offer services at both local and destination weddings. Your wedding day will be one you’ll never forget with this group of stylists working behind the scenes to have you looking glammed and beautiful as you walk down the isle.

We can all agree we feel most confident when we are having a good hair day. Lauren says, “I wanted to become a hairstylist because I realized that beauty is empowering. I love to expand confidence in women by transforming their inner beauty to outward radiance.”

LRN Beauty is more than a beauty salon, with a passion for sharing all the latest hair care secrets and empowering everyone who walks through the doors with the magic of great hair day. She says, “The most rewarding part of my job is making people feel good. Not just my clients but my staff as well.”

This close-knit group works together for whatever hair care concerns you may have. From extensions to trims, to blowouts and coloring, whatever you need, there is a stylist to help you reach your goal. Lauren says,“My biggest accomplishment in 2021 was opening LRN Beauty, a hair salon-fused-art collective that provides a space for all types of artists. My goal for 2021 is to continue to grow. To be more than just a salon but a beauty lifestyle brand.”

Lauren’s Hair Secret: "Shampoo less (2-3x a week), dry shampoo more. If you color your hair, ALWAYS use color-safe shampoo and conditioner.”


Meet Courtney

Courtney Gerics is another talented colorist at LRN Beauty. She has worked at some of NYC’s most recognized salons, including Warren Tricomi in the Plaza Hotel and Madison Avenue. Courtney helps you achieve whatever shade you are after and is always up to date with recent trends to keep your hair looking current and fresh. She says, "No matter which color service you have, you’ll always leave feeling like the best version of yourself."

She was born and raised in Brooklyn and found her way to LRN Beauty after discovering her love for hair styling. Courtney works alongside her team to create the perfect color and cut for her clients. She says, "I am a hair colorist and specialist at LRN Beauty NYC. I also offer extension services, with a certification from Bellami Hair, to help my clients achieve the hair of their dreams." She became Bellami Hair certified and offers freelance services to those of you looking to achieve longer locks. Her goal is to continue perfecting her craft and continue learning new skills to offer the best experience for her clients.

As a hairstylist and color expert, Courtney shares helpful tips on prolonging your color and how to maintain the perfect shade. She offers freelance hair and makeup services for clients looking to get glammed from head to toe. She is a multifaceted addition to LRN beauty with an eye for beauty that keeps her clients coming back for more.

Courtney's Hair Secret: "Don't use purple shampoo everyday! And choose hair products that have color safe ingredients that amplify your color rather than strip it.


Meet Irving

Irving is the Keratin specialist and a highly sought-after hairstylist for some of your favorite celebrities. Born and raised in New York City, Irving loves his city almost as much as he loves cutting hair. Irving has been drawn to all things beauty since a young age. He says, “I’ve been into fashion, beauty, and anything glam ever since I can remember. I was obsessed with watching my mom and aunts do their hair, makeup, and getting dressed up. I also loved playing hairstylist with my little sister, cousins, and their Barbies. Barbie was the ultimate client, I could do her hair and dress her up.”

When you get to wake up and help people feel like the best version of themselves, this line of work is more of a treat than a chore. Irving says, “The most rewarding part of my job to me is waking up to do something I love, not feeling like I’m going to work, or dreading having to work. That feeling is priceless to me and I feel very blessed to say that.” At LRN Beauty Salon, we all work hard to stay current with trends and challenge existing beauty techniques. He says, “My career goal for the new year and always is to remain focused, keep making clients happy, always spread positive energy where ever work, my day, and life takes me, and to continue learning. There’s always something new to learn in this field and that’s definitely something I want to do more of.”

Irvine has been working with the LRN Beauty Brand for almost nine years. He says, “My niche is doing bridal work which is how I was first introduced to Lauren. I’d proclaim myself as the bride whisperer, Lauren and Courtney the blonde whisperers, and Nicolette: you’re good at like everything (seriously, she is).”

Irvin’s Hair Secret: "I always remind my client’s to be mindful of their hairline when washing their face. The acids can dry out hair around your hairline causing it to break.”


The LRN Beauty Salon is a one-stop shop hair salon, with a small but mighty team of talented artist's each specializing in their own beauty niche. In addition to haircuts and coloring, we offer beauty, brands, and brow services that will have you looking and feeling your best. For a complete list of my healthy hair tips and to stay up to date with all my stella secrets, be sure to subscribe!

And in case you did not know, I am Nicolette Rauchut, founder of You Look Stella, a space for my clients and aspiring hairstylists to feel inspired and educated. I am the girl you see for trims, cuts, fresh blowouts, and my specialty service: extensions. I will be sharing all you need to know about extensions in my next blog post. In the meantime, DM me on Instagram @you.look.stella or email for extension inquiries. And book your next appointment at the LRN Beauty Salon for a one-of-a-kind experience. We look forward to meeting you!

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