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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide + Glam

Valentine’s Day just got a whole lot better with these love-infused gift ideas and a quick glam look to get you ready for your date night. These gifts will reignite the passion between you and your partner or will even make for a wonderful night of self-care. If you need a last-minute gift, these simple yet meaningful items will not only please your partner but raise the love vibrations. I am also sharing some fun festivities you can partake in using your new gifts that make for a night filled with love.

My Favorite LOVE Crystals for Valentine’s Day

First things first, if you need some extra help in the love department, some extra self-love attention, or just want to reignite the passion between you and your partner, crystals will be your best friend. I use crystals in my daily routine to raise my vibrations and cultivate positive energy. There is a crystal for whatever you are looking to attract into your life and they can even dissolve negative energy. For Valentine’s Day, these three crystals will invite in love and absorb any stagnant energy between you and your lover.

  1. Strawberry Quartz helps relieve any aches and pain, especially in lower back and abdomen by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating your vibrations. The Strawberry quartz is also associated with love, communication, and purification of the heart chakra.

  2. Rhodonite, also known as the 'rescue stone', aids in compassion and emotional cleansing. It will heal any scars and wounds from the past and nurture you with love, bringing in a new sense of self-worth.

  3. Rose Quartz fuels the heart chakra to increase your love vibration. It boosts feelings of self-love and fosters loving relationships with others.

Adding these crystals to your Valentine’s Day festivities can help your day be filled with love and passion. If your partner is a crystal lover, like myself, then any one of these love crystals will be a meaningful gift idea that not only will make their day but also keep the good vibes going.

Gift Guide for a Romantic Self-Care Ritual

Witch Baby: Witch Baby is a one-stop-shop for clean beauty products. They handcraft vegan and cruelty free beauty products, blended with natural herbs for a magical experience. From bath bombs to body oil to hand soap, their products deliver a beautiful aroma that ignite your senses.

  • The Candy Quartz Body Butter comes infused with Rose Quartz, to moisturize your skin and pamper yourself with self-love. An ideal addition to your self-care routine.

  • The Love Body Oil is mixed with an alluring blend of roses and apples, with delicate rose petals infused into the mix. Use the Love Oil and surprise your partner with a massage this Valentine’s day.

  • The Salt of Sun Bath Salt promotes prosperity, luck, love, happiness, confidence, and strength. Ignite your flame by sprinkling in bath salts into your solo (or couple) bath and enjoy the fresh scent of orange.

  • The Candy Heart Bath Bomb will fill your tub with a deep shade of pink, igniting your heart chakra and filling your senses with fresh picked strawberries. It even has a special Valentine's Day love note inside.

No boo on Valentine's Day? Make it a full self-care ritual with an essential oil scalp massage, followed by a Salt of Sun Bath Salt Infused bath while enjoying some champagne and strawberries. Then finish with the luxurious body butter to lock in all the good vibes.


Lunya: Lunya is a luxurious take on all the basics. They have sweats for him, robes for her, and their one of a kind scrunchies are a must have for a “no crease, no pull” up-do. All of their products are made from natural ingredients, that feel so soft on the skin you won't want to take them off.

  • The Satin Scrunchie has exceptional silky soft material. This scrunchie may be priced high but worth every penny. It keeps your hair out of your face and never tugs, so you'll never have a headache from your pony again.

  • The Lunya Silk Robe is a great addition to your bed time routine. It can be a great gift for her, or a nice surprise for him. Their limited edition pink shades are the perfect addition to your next night in.

  • The Washable Silk Bedding is a gift you can both enjoy. Cozy up in this luxurious bedding, designed with sustainable and naturally thermo-regulating materials so you can slumber at the perfect temperature all night long.

  • The Stretch Strip Brallete in Enamored Pink is lightweight, but still sexy. It’s perfect for a nighttime slumber or beneath your new silk robe. Surprise your partner with this new take on lingerie that leaves you feeling confident yet still comfortable.

A Partner Pamper Sesh

Why not indulge in your lover’s self care routine this Valentine’s Day. We all need some extra love and attention, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to truly pamper one another with this nurturing self-love sesh.

  • Start by aligning one’s intentions with a guided mediation. Positive affirmations between you and your lover can also create a space to cultivate more love.

  • Aromatherapy is known to enhance passion and intoxicating sensations, pure comfort and relaxation, or a feeling of deep connection. Rose, Vanilla, and Jasmin scented candles are ideal for creating a comforting and sensual atmosphere for you and your lover.

  • Incense and sage are also great ways to set the mood and clear out stagnant energy. By using aromatherapy, you can hit certain senses with the playful act of mixing essential oils.

  • Massages and scalp care rituals with your partner can allow you to explore your partner on a more personal level and show them the care and attention they deserve.

  • Eating food that is the color of your heart chakra can enhance your love connection, such as green leafy vegetables. Now I know green veggies aren’t the sexiest food, so green grapes and red strawberries are also associated with the root chakra and can be a playful addition to your date night.

  • Wearing deep greens and red can also ignite your root chakra, so throwing on your new Lunya Robe and matching bralette in Enamored pink can spark a new flame between you and your partner.

  • Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, and Calcite are known to activate your sacral chakra, which is in control of your sexual desire & love. By placing crystals in one another’s space, you can spark a deeper connection, not only on an intellectual level but spiritually, where soul mates can thrive.

Let's Get Glam

Got a hot date planned? Here’s how you can make it a bit spicier, wearing my favorite Glitter is the New Black accessories. I spoke with Glitter is the New Black founder, Kristin Simmons, to get the run down on her favorite items and how she would style them for a glam night out.

  • The Blush Blossom Headband: "The beaded headbands are the perfect addition to any outfit when your looking to make a statement." And there's no better time to make a statement than on Valentine's Day.

  • Bling It On Pink Rhinestone Face Mask: "Who doesn't need a few good masks that are gentle on the skin in this day and age?" The pink rhinestones add just enough flare and can still match the vibe for Valentine's Day.

  • Aruba Earrings: "The Aruba earrings are the first design I ever created, so I consider them a necessary staple." Kristin likes to pair her statement earrings with a classic up-do hairstyle that takes any look from basic to show-stopping.

Last Minute Glam

If you are short on time for your Valentine's Day Date, this simple yet sleek pony is ideal for a last minute glam look. Pair with Glitter is the New Black statement earrings to truly wow your partner.

The low side part pony is my go-to when I am in a pinch or want to prolong a blowout. You can create this look with just a few swipes of a brush and some hair spray.


Step 1.

Determine your part. Spray the Strong Hold 7 Milbon Hairspray and smooth down your hair with Mason Pearson brush.

Step 2.

Gather hair into ponytail by nape of the neck. Secure with hair-tie or bungee.

Step 3.

Section off a small strand of your hair below the base of the pony. Spray with hairspray, as you use the piece to conceal the ponytail holder.

Step 4.

Throw in some Glitter is the New Black statement Earrings and you are ready to rock this look.

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