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How to Transform your Life in 2022

Lifestyle Reset with Seven Gems Yoga

We all need a little reset in life, and the new year is a great time to implement new habits in our routine. This year, I am prioritizing my entire well-being and taking you along with me on my journey to strengthening my mind, body, soul (and hair!). Be sure to follow my entire transformation process on Instagram @you_look_stella, where I will be sharing weekly updates and tips along the way.

Seven Gems Yoga is a total mind and body transformation process designed to introduce new mindful habits into your daily life. I will be working with Jessica Jaide, a registered Yoga teacher with over 200 hours of Yoga Alliance in her practice. Jessica Jaide is the founder and owner of Seven Gems Yoga. Seven Gems yoga is designed to align the seven chakras within our body, through the practice of yoga, mediation, and Pranayama based on that chakra. Throughout this journey, we will visualize being aligned with the universe, spreading peace & enlightenment, growing into our highest authentic self.