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How to Transform your Life in 2022

Lifestyle Reset with Seven Gems Yoga

We all need a little reset in life, and the new year is a great time to implement new habits in our routine. This year, I am prioritizing my entire well-being and taking you along with me on my journey to strengthening my mind, body, soul (and hair!). Be sure to follow my entire transformation process on Instagram @you_look_stella, where I will be sharing weekly updates and tips along the way.

Seven Gems Yoga is a total mind and body transformation process designed to introduce new mindful habits into your daily life. I will be working with Jessica Jaide, a registered Yoga teacher with over 200 hours of Yoga Alliance in her practice. Jessica Jaide is the founder and owner of Seven Gems Yoga. Seven Gems yoga is designed to align the seven chakras within our body, through the practice of yoga, mediation, and Pranayama based on that chakra. Throughout this journey, we will visualize being aligned with the universe, spreading peace & enlightenment, growing into our highest authentic self.

The Seven Gems Process

We start the Seven Gems process by creating a safe space to develop our practice, known as an Altar, or a space that will provide you with a spiritual landscape for your journey. Jessica explains, “An Altar is a very important part of where you practice, this sets the mood and energy for your space. Your alter may include the 5 elements (earth, air, water, fire, space) such as planets, candles, crystals, sage, oracle cards, pictures of loved ones that have passed on, and statues of spiritual leaders you look up to and believe in can help guide you in your journey.”

My Altar will include various crystals and items that resonate with my highest self. A few of my favorite crystals are rose quartz -- the stone of unconditional love, orange Selenite -- which offers potent energies capable of initiating a spiritual awakening, and Tigers eye -- to harness inner strength and remind myself to stand a little taller. Other elements I will include in my space include a succulent, a small bowl of water, and himalayan rock salt.

As I go throughout my journey, I will explain in further detail the various meanings behind each of these items. Palo Santo, which is used to relieve stress and clear negative energy, and daily Tarot card readings will also be a part of my journey. Be on the look out for more Tarot card readings on Instagram @you_look_stella.

What's Your Sign

The moon sign, or birth chart, of a person refers to the time and place you were born and how the stars in the sky were aligned. This determines your zodiac sign, personality traits, and predictions for your future and reveals your past life. For example, Jessica’s chart shows the time she was born, known as the sun sign (most dominant sign), is Gemini. Her rising sun, or ascendant sign (how people perceive you) is cancer. And last but not least, her moon sign (how you show emotion) is Pisces.

Jessica says, “These are 3 very important aspects of birth charts, anyone who is interested in astrology and birth charts should not overlook these 3! Another personal favorite is love looking into someone's nodes (north) shows what that person's true calling can be or what they may learn in their future. (south) nodes represent our past life and what we carry with us into the future.”

Meditation, Movement, and Manifestation

The main components of the Seven Gems Workshop is meditation, movement, and manifestation. The workshop is about finding what works for you, and making it so you can implements these new habits into your daily routine. Properly taking care of our well-being will allow us to show up as our best version in all aspects of life.

Meditating is an important component of this transformation. Jessica says, “Mediating is where you can be your most vulnerable and peaceful self. Mediation is my safe space, without mediation my mind is like an overflowed filing cabinet and that’s not pretty. Mediation is where I organize and get rid of what is no longer useful to make room for useful information. Personally, 5-7 days of mediation helps me feel centered and functional. This can be different for all people, constantly is key if you are not committing even 5 minutes to yourself and your practice daily you will not see impact and change in your mental health.”

Join me in meditating every morning by posting the #meditatewithstella on Instagram. In addition to meditating, daily movement is also essential to feeling my best. The workshop will focus on breath-to-body movement with the practice of yoga at the core of the Seven Gems workshop.

Lastly, we dive deep into the power of manifesting and creating our dream life through visualization. Jessica says, “I am rather fond and amazed by the third eye chakra and how powerful it truly can be with the power of manifestation with visualization and imagination. The crystals lapis, sodalite, are my two personal favorite crystals I always associate with the third eye chakra. Azurite, lolite, amethyst crystals are often used for third eye chakra as well.”

Good Vibes, Great Hair

I am a firm believer that when your mind is at its optimal state, so is your hair. Our hair is a great indicator of whether or not our well-being is being taken care of. Overall, a healthy lifestyle, mindset, and diet will help promote healthier, fuller, shinier hair. When we provide our hair to thrive in a healthy environment and nourish it from the inside out, we will start to see improvements in texture, shine, and bounce.

As a hairstylist, the crown chakra, or the mind’s eye, are the main focus of my journey. Jessica says, “Visualizing in the mind's eye the crown chakra and the scalp growing from each row and strand of hair. This beautiful picture of hair flowing with purple vibrating energy and stimulation is a way to create circulation through the mind's eye. The second example can be cleansing and clearing the crown chakra with sage above the crown and listening to the crown chakra Hertz to open the crown chakra along with the first visualization.”

Blood circulation has so much to do with shiny, strong hair health. Aside from using scalp scrubs and a scalp massaging brush, you can increase scalp circulation with crystals and meditation. Stimulating the scalp increases blood flow which encourages the nutrients to evenly absorb into the hair follicle.

Stella's Transformation

As a hairstylist, and within any profession, our schedules are full and it is easy to neglect self-care. Between traveling to on-site appointments with clients and in-salon visits, time management has always been important for juggling my schedule. But it has caused me to neglect setting time aside for myself. I want to practice what I preach this year, so I am making time to prioritize that much-needed "me time" and work on my inner self.

Throughout the next eight weeks, I will share updates, tips, and lessons along the way. Follow @you_look_stella on Instagram for weekly updates and behind the scenes of my Seven Gems journey. I will be meeting with Jessica Jaide once a week for a personalized session, and each session will focus on a different chakra. Understanding the different chakras and how they can impact your vibration is a helpful tool to manage stress and show up each day with better alignment with my desires. I hope to come out of this journey with my crown a little straighter and standing taller behind the chair. Be sure to check out Seven Gems Yoga if you are interested in partaking in a future workshop!


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