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Hair Care with a Purpose

Crystal-Infused Hair Care to Cultivate Positive Energy

Hair care is often overlooked as an act of self love. With AIIR professional, hair care will become so much more than another step in your daily routine. Each of the AIIR Professional products includes an affirmation designed to help set your intentions for the day. They are infused with crystals and paired with other natural ingredients to harness positive energy and raise your vibrations.

In 2016, Jenny Strebe combined her passion for styling hair with a holistic lifestyle to create a one-of-a-kind wellness hair brand, AIIR Professional. This first-ever crystal-infused hair care line will not only improve your hair game but also your mindset. Her business practices and life values of integrity, well-being, innovation, and elevation have aligned to create a community that empowers everyone who is a part of it.

Stella’s Favorites

I reach for AIIR Professional products when my clients are in need of a positive energy shift. My favorite AIIR Professional products are designed to style, hydrate, and create good vibes for the rest of our appointment. I look at each appointment as opportunity to not only boost your confidence with your new hairdo, but also your mindset thanks to the healing power of crystals.


The Styling Paste: A versatile product, made with moonstone and blue agave, with a lot of uses. First and foremost, the tackiness of the product makes for a wonderful pomade to create definition and hold. It helps separate the strands to give more of a “beauty in chaos” type of look.

Crystal Spotlight: Moonstone

  • A stone for “new beginnings”, inner growth, and strength. The moonstone crystal is known for enhancing intuition, promoting inspiration, and good fortune in love and business.

Style Tip: Use it on shorter length hair to give a sleek appearance. Using a Mason Pearson brush to gently lay the hair flat, OR create texture with your fingers and manipulate the direction of the hair you want it to lay. 


Jade Hair Oil: For infusing your ends with deep hydration, the Jade Hair oil also helps reduce the likeness of static cling. In the dead of winter it is great for smoothing out frizz and giving the hair slip to avoid the bunching of scarf and jackets messing up your good hair day.

Crystal Spotlight: Jade

  • Jade has calming and soothing properties. The Jade crystal is known for eliminating fear, comforting the mind, helping the heart to find compassion to make the right decisions, balances emotions, and persuades you toward renewal.

Style Tip: If you're looking to add shine to fresh beach waves or refresh your bouncy curls, this oil gives you a weightless finish with a punch of hydration. Paired with other nourishing ingredients, including bay leaf and vitamin E, your hair will have a gorgeous sheen all day long.


Texture Spray: Gives a lived-in texture, with a refreshing scent that is perfect for touch-ups on second day hair. The texture spray acts as a dry shampoo to absorb oil and style in one convenient step.

Crystal Spotlight: Mica + Quartz

  • These clear crystals are considered the “master healer”, said to amplify your mood by absorbing, storing, and releasing negative energy. It is also said to aid in concentration and memory. Clear crystals help stimulate the immune system and balance out your entire body.

Style Tip: I have named this product my “good vibes spray” in my kit because anytime I use it not only does my hair feel refreshed but so does my energy. I spray around the crown chakra and gently scrunch the hair in upward motions for added volume and texture.

Crown + Crystal Care

When it comes to looking after your crown chakra, your hair is a direct reflection of the care and love you give it. Starting with your shower routine, the products you use on your scalp can either alleviate common issues or cause them to worsen.

The AIR® Fragrance Free Diamond Shampoo gently cleanses the hair with an infusion of diamond, sage, and amla. Sage removes build up, enhances natural shine and stimulates hair growth while amla delivers essential fatty-acids that penetrate the hair follicle for a soft, voluminous finish. Paired with diamond, which represents purity, perfection, and spiritual power, this combination will leave you and your hair glowing.

Follow up with the AIIR Fragrance Free Diamond Conditioner which is formulated for sensitive skin. It is infused with reishi mushroom to deliver restorative anti-inflammatory properties that will protect fragile hair and restore moisture, all while making your hair softer and more manageable.

Stella Spa Day

Ready to take your crown care to the next level? A scalp ritual is a great addition to your next Stella Spa Day. The best time for scalp rituals is during the waxing or waning of the moon depending on your intentions.

Pro-tip: When we want to clear negative energy, stress, bad habits or thoughts, a scalp detox is a great way to do so prior to a full moon. This symbolizes renewal and allows you to leave these toxic traits behind. I like to use selenite or labradorite during this ritual to help push out the bad and rein in positive, healing energy.

Crystals I use during my scalp ritual:

  • Malachite: Absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and from the body

  • Orange Selenite: (stone of Taurus) Clearing, Stabilizing, aids in self confidence and passion 

  • Moonstone: Heightens intuition and opens us up to our gifts 

  • Purple Fluorite: Alleviates stress, spiritual discomfort, and physical blockages. 

Pro-Tip: An essential oil scalp massage is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day or to add in as a pre-shampoo step to lock in moisture. Nurturing rituals can be optimized during a waxing crescent moon, which is right before a full moon, to support your new goals and manifestations.

How to cleanse, charge, and store your stones:

  • Use a water bath with himalayan salt for non porous (smooth) crystals.

    • I recommend using a smooth stone or finish so it is easier to clean off any products that were used with them.

  • For extra healing power, I love to leave my crystals under the moonlight on a full moon.

  • Store your crystals for 12 plus hours on a selenite slab or tray away from direct sunlight.

  • Sage and smudging is a great way to clear any stones in between uses.

When to charge them? Charging your crystals is important, especially if you use them often. Full moons are a good time to recharge your crystals because the vibration is at its highest! Some stones have self-charging properties and are even capable of changing others, including selenite, citrine, and kyanite.

Mindful Morning Routine

A mindful morning routine is a great opportunity to set yourself up for having a great day. Simple habits can be implemented into your morning routine to enhance your mindset, all while achieving great hair using AIIR Professional products. Here is how to include AIIR Professional products into your morning routine to cultivate a positive mindset throughout the entire day.

1. Journal: First thing in the morning, write down a few things that you are grateful for before getting the day started. I like to follow up by setting realistic goals, big or small, for the day that I can focus on accomplishing.

2. Movement: Movement first thing in the morning allows our body and mind to fully wake up. A simple stretch or yoga flow is all you need to get the blood flowing and your morning started on the right foot.

3. Cleanse: Renewing your energy in the morning can allow you to start the day with a fresh perspective. Using a palo santo stick a couple times a week to clear negative energy and invite in fresh, positive energy.

4. Intention Setting: Using the the AIIR sapphire shampoo & conditioner, read the affirmation on the back (sapphire meaning inner strength) and then imagine washing away what you want to release and visualize what you want to receive.

5. Style: Lastly, it is time to style your hair for the day, and do it with purpose. Using the AIIR Professional products, think about what stone is in each product, read the affirmation on the bottle, and try to channel that energy of the crystal chosen in the product. 

Be sure to check out the AIIR Professional Hair Care line and start implementing these mindful habits into your morning routine if you are looking to cultivate positive energy in 2022. And for a true taste of the AIIR Professional experience, you can attend the AIIR Gathering. This two-day event will help realign your energy while strengthening your hair styling skills alongside other talented hairstylists.

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