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Hair Care with a Purpose

Crystal-Infused Hair Care to Cultivate Positive Energy

Hair care is often overlooked as an act of self love. With AIIR professional, hair care will become so much more than another step in your daily routine. Each of the AIIR Professional products includes an affirmation designed to help set your intentions for the day. They are infused with crystals and paired with other natural ingredients to harness positive energy and raise your vibrations.

In 2016, Jenny Strebe combined her passion for styling hair with a holistic lifestyle to create a one-of-a-kind wellness hair brand, AIIR Professional. This first-ever crystal-infused hair care line will not only improve your hair game but also your mindset. Her business practices and life values of integrity, well-being, innovation, and elevation have aligned to create a community that empowers everyone who is a part of it.

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