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Milbon USA Product Must Haves

Personalized Products from a Hair Care Professional

Milbon USA is a one-stop-shop for hair care with a wide range of products to target and effectively treat any and all hair concerns. The Milbon USA products are staples in the LRN Beauty salon specifically when working with different clients because we are able to personalize each experience with high-end products that cater to your desired hair goals.

Every hair appointment begins with a brief consultation where we discuss my client's hair goals. Once we have a mutual understanding, I am able to determine which Milbon USA products best suit your needs. Milbon USA makes styling easy, and hair styling a luxurious experience. As a professional hairstylist and Milbon USA partner, I offer consultations to curate a personalized collection of Milbon USA products to achieve flawless results that last beyond the chair.

"I started using Milbon USA products about six years ago and have been an avid user ever since. When I was first introduced to their line of products, I was an assistant hairstylist and still testing out different hair care products. Milbon products instantly stood out to me because of how effective and instant the results were. I love everything about the brand and the intentions behind their products. They offer a product for every concern, with an innovative and trusted formula that delivers results and makes styling easy."

Product Recommendations

My favorite line within Milbon USA is Plarmia which is formulated with anti-aging properties. If we use anti-aging skincare, why not have anti-aging hair care? I have implemented this product into my routine to help support healthy hair growth and longevity. I notice that my hair and my client's hair always has high shine and a smooth finish after using the Plarmia line.

When it comes to styling at home, a frequent concern I hear is that our crown lacks fullness, volume, shine, and or texture. Luckily, Milbon USA has a product to fix each of those concerns, and simultaneously strengthen the hair cuticle to promote healthy hair growth. To achieve the results you are after, here are five of my top-rated products I frequently recommend to clients.

Top 5 Must Have Styling Products

The Plarmia Mousse is one of my favorite products for achieving a luxurious feel and overall shine. The carbonated formula leaves a sticky feeling, but once heat-activated it creates volume without any extra effort.

How to use: Apply Plarmia Mousse on damp hair at the roots and comb through with a wide tooth comb. Let the hair air dry to about 90% before blow drying. Take a round brush and blow dryer to activate the product, and use lifting motions to create volume in the roots.

Pro-tip: The mousse is flexible and airy, giving your hair lots of volume with a matte finish. This product is great for thin or fine hair textures who are looking to add more fullness without any greasy effect.


The Thickening Mist 4 is a heat protectant and volume-enhancing product in one. Not only is it great for a traditional blow dry to provide extra control, the honey and shine-enhancing ingredients help boost shine without feeling stiff or crunchy like traditional hair-sprays.

How to use: Apply to towel-dried hair from root to tip before blow drying. To fluff a two-day-old blow dry, you can lightly mist your roots, reapply heat, and a run brush to pump up the volume!

Pro-tip: I like to use this on the tips of my fingers when I'm braiding to help catch those tiny stubborn hairs we sometimes miss without having to use sticky hair spray. This product is easily pliable when being used to define or sleek strands.


The Texture Spray 4 is a gentle powder mist used to help fill the hair gaps, plumping up the hair follicles to provide a long-lasting lift. Not to mention, this spray has a lovely smell and is terrific to use on second day hair for a quick refresh.

How to use: Spray throughout the mid-shaft to ends to refresh waves. Then, for a light dry shampoo moment, mist the roots, and massage it in to add volume. I like to use this on second day hair when it looks flat and needs extra lift.

Pro-tip: Use the Texture Spray to create grit in the hair when creating hairstyles that require extra pulling and messing, like a messy braid or voluminous up-do.


The Wet Shine Gel is a pomade that comes in two strengths to tame frizz while adding extra hold for a polished look. Wet Shine Gel Cream 5 is a slippery high gloss with just enough hold before it becomes stiff, while Wet Shine Gel Cream 8 adds a satin finish and more powerful hold. 

How to use: Wet Shine Gel 5 is perfect for creating sleek ponytails, detailed up-dos, tight braids, or taming fly-aways. The flexible formula allows you to manipulate the hair with ease. If you have a thicker or coarse hair texture, use Wet Shine Gel 8 for extra hold and controlling purposes.

Pro-tip: To create a sleek braid, use a Mason Pearson brush or a boar brush mixed with synthetic bristles for a smooth glass-like finish. While braiding, keep a dab of the Wet Shine Gel 8 on the back of your hand to reapply for proper saturation and extra manipulation. 

Pro-tip: Use the Wet Shine Gel 5 to create that bushy brow look. Grab yourself a reusable mascara wand and lightly brush through the hairs in an upward motion and lay them flat against the skin. Wait for the product to dry for more hold and they will be set in place all day.


The Wave Mousse 4 is great for refreshing natural or styled curls with added texture. The secret ingredient, beeswax, helps to give hair a shiny, smooth finish. It gets rid of frizz and fights humidity, with a soft hold to keep curls in place.

How to use: Lightly mist your hair to dampen before applying the product. Then, apply a generous amount of the mousse in scrunching motions from ends to mid shaft to saturate hair, leaving a shiny, smooth outcome.

Pro-tip: For extra definition in natural curls, use a diffuser attachment with a blow dryer on towel-dried hair to activate the product and lock in your curls.

Winter Shower Routine

A good head of hair starts with a quality shower routine. During the colder months, I opt for moisture-infusing products that revive the hair follicles and leave behind an extra shine. These are my go-to shampoo, conditioners, and scalp treatments from Milbon USA for the winter season to replenish, repair, and refresh the hair before styling.

  • Moisture Replenishing Shampoo: This ultra moisturizing shampoo leaves hair frizz-free with added shine. Our hair requires a little extra moisture during the winter months to limit static, dryness, brittle ends, and tangles. 

  • Heat Protectant Repair Conditioner: Excessive heat is the number one cause of fragile strands. The heat protect repair conditioner treats this issue with a powerful silk complex formula to restore the strands from the inside out.

  • Plarmia Scalp Balancing: During the dry, winter months, many of us experience an itchy, dry scalp caused from lack of exfoliation or build-up of products. With the incorporation of Ayurvedic medicine, Milbon created this product to truly cleanse and refresh the hair. This additional step can be used weekly for extra pampering to get rid of excess build-up that a regular shampoo may leave behind.

That's Hot!

In addition to colder weather, the extra styling that comes along with the holiday season can attribute to dry, brittle ends. Milbon has an amazing collection of heat protectants that not only protect from heat, but fight frizz for a sleek finish. Heat protection is the first step to minimize damage and defend against dead ends and excessive shedding. 

The intensively researched Milbon USA formula treats the tubular gaps in the hair cuticle that occur over time as our hair experiences wear and tear. SSVR-Silk™ is a powerful, silk-based complex within each of the Milbon products that, with constistent use, improves hair’s overall integrity, root to tip.

My Favorite Milbon Heat Protectants

  • Milbon Anti-Frizz Humidity Blocking Oil: The anti-frizz oil weightlessly fights off frizz and moisturizes dry ends. This heat-activated forumala contains five superior botanical oils-jojoba, argan, baobab, olive, and shea, providing nourishment and shine to the hair. It is ideal for coarse hair that needs a quick boost of moisture.

  • Luminous Bodifying Oil: The Luminous oil from the smooth collection is great for fine hair, giving maximum body and fullness for styling. This luxurious oil, formulated with baobab oil and collagen, fortifies and thickens limp hair while offering a barrier of protection against heat.

  • Heat Protectant Mist: Heat protectant mists are a must before applying any heat to your hair. Protect against the damaging effects of hot tools and nourish your hair with the Milbon heat protectant mist. Apply on damp hair before blow drying, or before using any hot tools for a sleek, polished look.

  • Weightless Replenishing Mist: This weightless mist is my go-to when my hair needs a quick refresh. The amino-acid ingredients are the building blocks to strengthening the hair follicle, leaving behind shiny, bouncy hair. I recommend this product to anyone with dry or brittle ends that needs extra moisture and shine.

Personalized Hair Care

Want to discover which Milbon USA products you should use and exactly how to use them to achieve effortless results at home? Milbon USA partners with hair professionals to curate your individualized hair care routine. For inquires on your personalized product recommendations, email to set up an in-person or virtual consultation. Once we discover your recommended products, they will be made available for shipment or in-salon pick up. With your new set of products you will be able to say goodbye to bad hair days for good!

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